Thursday, 3 January 2013

Tiny Teddy and a Crone??? Whatever next???

Clawdette had reached the village shop with Tiny Teddy and the Old Crone who
worked there was once again pretending to hide but Clawdette reached down behind the counter and pulled her up by her scruff .
Old Crone - we wish to buy presents. This is Tiny Teddy, my er ... well he is a guest´.
´At the castle?´ asked the Old Crone as lightning crashed and flashed overhead and a bolt of thunder narrowly missed the store.
Teddy watched in amazement and hoped she would not say the word ´castle´ again but she did and the same thing happened.
Clawdette waved a paw ´I want a boring jigsaw for my sister in law. With a piece missing´. The Old Crone reached up and pulled down a dusty box, she blew the fine layer off it opened it and tossed a piece out. Tiny Teddy sneezed. ´A new sketch pad for my beloved mate, Clawde the famous fashion designer´. The Old Crone found one of those as well. ´Some catnip toys for two very naughty and tiresome kittens´. These too were found. ´And a map of the world for Arfur as he likes to explore´. The Crone climbed up a very tall ladder to get that while Clawdette studied her list. She had planned to get Teddy his own cellphone but how could she with him standing beside her? And what would she get Purrdita? Such a difficult girl. Teddy’s eyes lit up when he heard Purrdita‘s name.
The Old Crone seeing her hesitation sighed as if tired and bored.
´Old Crone ... do not sigh when I am addressing you! I am a customer and the customer is always right. I used to work at a shop once myself.´

Then as if in a dream Clawdette could feel ghostly paws picking her up and flying her to Purrseys in Mew York where she had once worked to supplement her tiny income as a new model.

The much younger and (much) slimmer Clawdette was behind a counter chewing something and looking around her excitedly. ´Peckham ... Peckham ... there are so many handsome toms in here today. We just bag ourselves a purrdner’ Peckham took a discreet slug of a drink concealed in a water glass.

"How´d the shopping go, dear?" Clawde asked.
"Fine, Clawdey, except that Tiny Teddy had to run back into the shop because he furgot his mittens or something. At least he has mittens to furget now." Clawde smiled and didn´t mention his visit to the cold offices of Mogue, where the poor cats were slaving away. Anna did not seem to be around right then. She might have been off peeing on someone, he supposed, but he had really

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