Thursday, 3 January 2013

Tex & Marmalade muscle in on the action!

Clawdette felt herself being pulled back to her basket at the castle, the fat reappearing faster than as if she had eaten 20 good dinners. She was dropped somewhat violently back into her basket and she scowled to camera. Really ... couldn´t this flashforward be done with more finesse? All that acting was making her hungry and she went off to fix a snack for herself and Clawde.

Clawde did not understand the flash forward. He got rich and famous but he couldn´t eat all he liked any time he liked? What was the point then?

Furnella stirred in her basket with dreams of kittens all around her.....
Arfur was right in those dreams with her, changing tiny litter boxes and cleaning up the kids after their two o´clock nursings.

The she-cat was standing and looking over the railing of a bridge. Below her the river was a raging torrent. She was wearing a tattered coat and her beautiful golden eyes mirrored her distress and her fear. Looking around to see if there were any cats about she stood mesmerized by the swirling water, She shivered at the thought that had just crossed her mind, but she valiantly tried to resist the voices inside her head that were telling her to jump....

Anna Winpurr´s eyes widened in horror at the sight. "Who is she? And why does she want to jump. Most cats hate water, especially water as clearly life threatening and as dangerous as that."
Monk lifted a quizzical eyebrow "You don´t recognize her, do you? It´s you. And this is what will become of you if you don´t listen to me. Your future will not be glorious or glamorous. You will be lonely, unloved, bankrupt and afraid. You will come full circle and return once more to poverty and despair. Listen to me now and avoid this tragic end..."
Anna Winpurr´s fiery temper exploded. "You are crazy! Stark-raving mad! All of you ghost-cats are certifiably nuts! I am Anna Winpurr! How dare you show me such preposterous nonsense! There´s no way this will ever, ever happen to me! Bah Muggerbug!!! Enough is enough! "

Monk remained calm throughout Anna´s tirade. "Ah, you are wrong, my gorgeous furriend. Your future will be filled with sadness and despair, if you don´t heed my warning tonight and find a way to stop saying "Bah Muggerbug" to the purromise of love."

Back in the castle the whole of the Le Claw family were eating breakfast noisily. Presents lined the hall (and Clawdette got a few more online to make it really interesting). she was regaling them with some hilarious story which they listened to whilst they loaded food onto their plates. Tiny Teddy realised that he was not cold - for the first time in his life and his little feral eyes filled with tears of happiness. Clawde squeezed Clawdette´s paw - glad to see all the food after the strange flash-forward. Even Purrdita had taken off her headphones and put her mobile phone down. She caught Tiny Teddy´s eyes and smiled at him.

Clawde was indeed very relieved to see the Catmas din din. No being svelte and stylish just yet, thank mewness!
Tex and Marmalade waved at the camera.... They had forgotten their lines but just wanted to be part of it all.

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