Thursday, 3 January 2013


Furnella squirmed and smiled in her sleep as she slipped into a flashback:

A young Furnella looked at the handsome black cat. "Now mew have made me late. Mew are bad" Instead of looking sorry, the black cat took her amber paw and asked her to skip it for the day and spend it with him.
"How can I resist?" Books forgotten, they scampered off to play.

Clawde purred as the two purritty sisters opened the door, though he could barely see them over the armloads of purresents and the lovely spiral cut honey roasted Fortnom and Masnom´s ham and the pre-roasted ready to heat turkey and all of the trimmings, not to mention the 4-and-20 blackbirds baked in a pie, pie and the cream pie too--no crust, just cream!

"Merrry Catmas, ladies!" he cried. "Merrrry Catmas!!!" As he entered they saw that he had attached a beautiful tree to his tail and was dragging it behind him.

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