Thursday, 3 January 2013

The moon... oh the full moon...

The moon was high, full. Starry orbs glittered brightly in the night sky. Anna Winpurr bit her lip as she stood perfectly still on the top of the hill leading to the Cottage. Another dream was bringing her here, she knew that now, Anna shivered and padded silently down the hill. Now she stood inside the burnt out hollow of the Cottage and looked around with mixed feelings as poignantly sad memories mixed it up with happier times. She felt overwhelmed. Anna winced and waited...for something, anything to happen.

She did not have to wait long. The night sky was brilliantly white all of a sudden. Anna shielded her eyes from its´ heavenly glow. Once it died, standing before her was a rather angelic looking ghost. She was willowy, lithe and as white as freshly fallen snow. She was strumming a guitar and humming the last strains of ´Give Peace a Chance´ mixed with a healthy dose of "All You Need is Love."

She seemed somehow familiar to Anna. It was almost as though they had met before. Anna smiled despite herself. This ghost’s presence was soothing her aching heart...not just a little… but a lot.
Willow-Maya purred and then she smiled benignly as she read Anna´s mind.
"Yes, dear, we have met before in the haunted rooms section of Castle Clydula. Exciting time that, don´t you think? I loved modelling those fantastic Clawde creations. By the way, I am Willow-Maya your Catmas present, so to speak. Come now and let us look together at three Catmas presents. Perhaps the Catmas spirit will find you on this night.
Anna sincerely doubted it, and yet her battle worn heart warmed to Willow-Maya’s gentle smile as once more she strummed the opening chords of "All You Need is Love."
The ghost and Ms. Anna Winpurr vanished together into the night.

Suddenly they materialized at the very headquarters of Mogue Magazine. It´s Catmas Eve and her remaining employees, all three of them, are doing the work of 10 cats. Molly Daman´s Cellphone rang to a Jingle Bell Rock tune, but the other employees gave him a stern look. One of them, Betsey Blythe begged him "shhhhh! Do mew want to get fired too? The old bat won´t hesitate to send mew packing as well! Then Queenie and I will end up doing YOUR job too! I would like to leave this office before the year ends, at least.... Please! change that tune! Better yet! Switch it off!"

"But it´s Catmas Eve!" replied Molly "My boys and the missus miss me! And I miss them... We shouldn´t be here working today. And mew know what? I don´t care if I get fired. There are many magazines out there, but I only have one family". He stood up and took a nice cat stretch.

"Please, don´t! Stay! Do it for us! we´ll never leave this glorified sweatshop if mew leave!" implored Queenie.

Molly hesitated. He knew the girls also had families they wanted to go back to. "Okay, okay. Let´s just speed it up, girls. Maybe we can finish all this by tomorrow morning"

"Old Bat! She called me Old Bat! Oooooh she is SO fired!" said Anna watching in awe.

"What do mew want them to call you? Seriously. Mew had a choice, to be respected or to be feared. Mew chose the latter. Just because they are afraid of mew, doesn´t mean the respect mew" said Willow-Maya while tuning her guitar

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