Thursday, 3 January 2013

Catsuits & Poncho's - Who knew?

Clawdette squeezed herself (once again) into a little cat-suit and slung a poncho on over the top. ´Mew can come too´ she told Tiny Teddy whose eyes looked around appreciatively for Purridita. ´Is Purrdita coming too?´ he asked and Clawdette frowned. ´No. I may be buying her present. Just you. Now hurry and don´t dawdle. We will bring Foo Foo and those ghastly kittens too if you promise to look after them.´
Lego and Domino groaned, they hated shopping with their Auntie Clawdette, she always behaved so badly.
Tiny Teddy was dying to see what a shop was like but he wished his beloved was coming.
Arfurr slipped Tiny Teddy a wad of bills and said, "Maybe mew would like to buy a present for at least one or two family members yourself, Tiny Teddy?" Tiny Teddy stared in amazement at the cash. He had never had money before. ‘I have made them little gifts’ he said ‘but maybe I could donate this to the ferals?‘
Clawde put on his hat and muffler and his snowboots--he´d already got good mittens. Clawdette raised a whisker at him, looking askance.
"Oh very well, if mew must know, I am very worried about poor Anna Winpurr all alone on Catmas. I want to go ask her to come to din din with us."
"Oh, Clawdie, that old cat will ruin everything!" Clawdette mewed.
"Yes, dear, but she wasn´t always like that and it is sad for anyone to be alone on Catmas." Clawdette wondered if she should throw another tante but decided that a flounce was more apurrpriate. She founced off with Tiny Teddy and Foo Foo feeling a flashback coming on.
Clawde shrugged and headed for the Mogue offices, remembering the sad pinched face of his former love.

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