Thursday, 3 January 2013

The Story So far....

Tex and Marmalade, quite miffed firstly by having the hampers hijacked and then to add insult to whatever, they had missed the official tree peeing.

"Darn it dude, there´s nothing like that tradition, I´m really pee´d off that we missed it!" Tex complained from his seat at the top of the staircase.
Marmalade was frustrated too and peered over the ornate banister rail looking whistfully towards the most pawesome catmas tree he´d ever seen. "It´s beautiful..." he sighed longingly staring at all the enticing and inviting twinkly decorations.

“Dude is anyone down there?"
"Nope." Marmalade replied.
"Come on then, let´s do it!" Tex said dashing down the stairs and getting into his most favourable peeing position. Marmalade, who was quite shy decided to go around the opposite side to Tex.
"Ready?" Tex called. "Three- Two- One- PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"

Meanwhile Clawdette, in the kitchen, heard the unmistakeable sound of cats peeing on a tree and came in to investigate. She saw Tex and Marmalade on the tree and climbed on to join them. She peed too and the three of them giggled like the silly cats that they are.
´Come on - let´s do some catmas carolling shall we?´
Tiny Teddy entered the room and saw all this and wondered ( not for the first time) if he has made a mistake coming to stay with the Le Claws?


Meanwhile back in Anna Winpurr´s home

" Bah! Muggerbug! That is purrposterous! I´m not going anywhere! And who did mew say you were? And what is with the chains? that is so 1980´s!" said Anna with a smirk. ‘Chains are so like over’.
"Ready?" Asked her Minerva holding her paw, "Here we go!"


Clawdette and Clawde were in their basket and Clawdette looked at her mate If I hear that you have appeared in any cat´s flashbacks while I am asleep there will be big trouble for you!´
Clawde looked nervous. He knew how jealous Clawdette could be. ´I will try not to´ he said feebly.
Clawdette turned off the light and muttered. ´Try hard´.
The moment she was asleep, Clawde sneaked out of his basket and went to his drawing board.

This time when a cat was picked up by the scruff of her neck and hauled away somewhere it isn´t by a ghost to the flashback. It was Alphonse carrying Clawdette to her trailer so she will stop chewing the scenery.


Minerva suddenly took Anna to another familiar scenario.

It was Catmas at the Cruikchatains. Anna was decking the halls with boughs of holly, falalalala lalalala, while Sally-Theresa was pinching her cheeks, as she couldn´t afford to buy blush. Clawde was coming fur dinner, so everything was being set to please him. Their Mother, a miserable old Queen, had excused herself, as she did every year, leaving the two young sisters to keep each other company.

"Sally-Theresa, do mew think Clawde will like this Rat Roast? I wish I were a better hunter... or to be able to afford a decent Catmas dinner... I found this dead rat in the alley by the Burger Joint... I think it hadn´t been there for too long... maybe three days?"

"I don´t think he is coming for the food, Annie-Jean...I think he has more important things in his mind" replied Sally-Theresa trying different pouts in front of the mirror.

"Mew are right. He is a gentlecat, and so handsome! His black fur is so... glossy!" Annie started grooming her fur, which didn´t look so luscious due to lack of a propurr nutrition.

As the church bells chimed 7 o´clock, there was a knock on the door.

"It´s him! It´s him!" they both jumped excited.

In her trailer, Clawdette squeezed into a pair of far, far too tight drainpipe jeans and a sweatshirt determined to hi-jack Clawde´s flashback ...

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