Thursday, 3 January 2013

And the Tale goes on...

Morning had broken .. like the first morning in the Le Claw household and they were sitting around the table. Clawdette was still fuming at missing out on the flashback.
´Good sleep?´ she asked pointedly.
Tiny Teddy stared at Purrdita and wondered what it would be like to nose kiss her.
Clawde and Arfur exchanged glances. They had the distinct feeling they were naughty last night but are not sure why.

´I am going Catmas shopping today´ said Clawdette. ´To get your presents so don´t be trying to follow me or find out why I buy .. I will as usual be offering a list of what I would like´.

There was no reaction from the rest of the table who dreaded Clawdette´s lists. They contained such things as ´size zero´ underwear and tiny little dresses that never fitted and always caused tantrums on the day. They had all planned to buy her a gift token.
´Oh presents!´ said Tiny Teddy ´What are they?´

Furnella made a mental note to buy Clawdette a plus size dress. Arfur probably wouldn’t let her give it to Clawdette, but maybe when he thought about the look in her eyes as she opened the large matronly dress, he would agree. Someone should put that woman in her place and Furnella thought she was that someone.
Arfur and Clawde put their heads together and decide that this year they will have Clawde´s label maker design custom counterfeit labels in size 0 to sew into the appurrpriately sized clothes they buy for Clawdette. That way she can use them, will have a happy Catmas, and they won´t have wasted their money.

Arfur would have to stop Furnella´s plan to give a big plus size to Clawdette if they were to have a Merry Catmas. All their plans about label switching would go to waste if not.

“Furrnella, dearest, I know mew don´t always appurrciate Clawdette´s airs and graces. And if mew want to be catty to her on her birthday, especially if she is being really annoying, I wouldn´t object, but please, don´t give her a mean Catmas present. Let us all be charitable and kind to each other on this blessed Catmas day. Purrhaps mew could give her a kitten instead? One of your homeless ones who needs a mum?"
Furrnella grinned very evilly for such a lovely cat, "Why, Arfurr, what a wonderful idea." She tried to think who of all of the kittens in her shelter was the most annoying and she remembered one who had fleas.

Clawdette made a note to get Furnella a big jig saw of a lawn - all green but with one piece missing. She sniggered to herself.


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