Thursday, 3 January 2013

Ikea Furniture, Cattie Awards & Tom Cat Ford!

Clawdette was arranging furniture in the castle´s now comfy but looking- like- an IKEA- catalogue, drawing room. She sneaked a look to see if Tom Cat Ford was looking before putting up a whole row of Catties on the mantlepiece Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Character, Best Fight Scene, Best Storyline Best kitten, Best Baddie, Best Guest Artist .... was there enough room for them all ! She shoved that stupid pregnancy test of Furnella´s and a few family photos of them with the kittens out of the way to fit them all in. Then she smiled contentedly.
Now it´s a Happy Catmas - she purred.
Snuggled in his fur lined bed by the roaring fire Tiny Teddy dreamed of Purrdita.
Clawde tossed and turned in his sleep. He felt like he was being watched!


Back at Anna´s "Bah! Muggerbug! Muggerbug! Muggerbug! Can´t a cat get some sleep in her own house? I can live without food but not without my daily 3 hours of sleep!!!"
"Don´t mew mean 18? Uhm... cats sleep 18 hours... " pondered Willow-Maya.
"I need 15 hours of self grooming! I can´t go around looking like... a domestic cat!"
"OK!. Anyhoo, think about all I said. I´m leaving you now. You will be in great company in a while. Use your time wisely" And with that Willow Maya left the building, leaving Anna in a very foul mood.
She decided to get comfy in a basket by the fireless fireplace. Just when she was about to fall asleep, a cold wind came through the chimney into the room. The already chilly temperature dropped a few degrees. A thick white fog wrapped around Anna, and she suddenly felt a gloomy purresence.
"Mother.... is that... you?" she asked, trying to reach around her.
“Nope, I am not your Mother, although I hear interesting stuff about her. My name is Monk, I am the ghost of your Catmas future and trust me, Ms Anna Winpurr, it won´t be a pretty future if you carry on with this "Bah Muggerbug" stuff. Tis the season to be jolly, ya know. But that´s another story...come with me now...come with me and see the future..."

Anna groaned and hissed at the morose face of Monk , " Go away! I don´t like you. I am getting mighty sick of all these ghosts invading my dreams."
Monk, the Ghost of Catmas Future gazed at Anna ominously. "Going away is not an option for me. Gotta do what I gotta do to knock some sense into such a gorgeous feline."
Anna cringed just a little at the sound of an organ, it could have been bagpipes too...either way it was an eerie sound...and as it died away Ms. Anna Winpurr and the smokey-gray, Ghost of Catmas future, Monk, disappeared into the mist once more...


Clawdette rolled her eyes again as she lay in the basket with Clawde. ´Gird yourself Clawde we´re off to another flashback if I´m not mistaken´.
Clawde groaned - in the last one his clothes felt far too tight and he had woken up feeling sore as if he´d been .... dancing? As the ghostly paw snatched his ruff and plucked him from his basket however, pwinking him forward into the future (as opposed to back to the future) he felt his cat´s pyjamas loosening, his frame grow lean, and he felt a strange and yet familiar feeling, though it was amplified many times over--what was it? Oh yeah! HUNGER!!! For some reason, though he clearly remembered downing a can of Fancy Feast moments before he popped into his basket, he was suddenly STARVED. "Meeyew," he said in a small hoarse kitten voice. "Mi Mi Mi Meeyew."
Clawdette too was picked up by ghostly paws and pwinked forward. She felt her tum tum deflating like it did after her wonderful beauty treatment with the boys (note to self - must do it again) And what was that sensation around her neck? Was it a diamond collar? Could it be that she was slim and wearing extra bling? Whoooooosh! CLAWDEYKINS!

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