Thursday, 3 January 2013

Mogue Editor in Chief... a flashback... ???

Meanwhile back in Anna Winpurr’s flashback …

Minerva watched as Anna slowly began to compose herself. Minerva marvelled at Anna’s ability to bounce back and reclaim her composure from her nightmarish memories of betrayal. Anna was one fiercely proud feline, Minerva thought, but she was also a miserable and angry one. Minerva smiled a little sadly and reflected that this was not always so. Anna Winpurr had been happy once...oh yes, indeedy.. very happy indeed.
Minerva said soothingly,
"All better now?"
Anna winced painfully and then grimaced. Her eyes narrowed dangerously as she hissed at Minerva, "Are you still here? Why don’t you just go away? You are extremely annoying."
"Part of my job, deary. Ghosts tend to be annoying, since they are in the business of haunting. It’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it. Have some tea, dear. Eat a little Fancy Feast. Your journey continues now!"
"I am neither hungry nor thirsty and I am NOT going anywhere with you, if I have anything to say about it."
Minerva´s eyes twinkled mischievously as she shrugged her ghostly white shoulder. "Suit yourself. I hear eating and drinking tea isn’t your strong suit these days. But as for not going anywhere with me, actually dear Annie you don’t have a great deal of choice....You are going, like it or not..."
Minerva raised a ghostly paw. The study went up in white smoke again and when the smoke cleared Anna found herself standing with Minerva on the threshold of yet another dream.
Minerva smiled. "Remember this place? Such a lovely cottage, don’t you think? You were happy here for a time. Do you remember?"
Anna’s eyes widened incredulously. Minerva continued, "You had family here, you had the love of your grandma, your son and your daughter kittens. You laughed, you played in the sunshine and you celebrated life often and whenever you could."
Anna was fighting back tears again..."Yes" she whispers. "I was happy, but then..."
Minerva nods, compassion filling her..."It ended. All that happiness went up in fire and smoke, your family scattered, your son daughter and grandma disappeared lost to you despite your certainty that somehow they had survived the blazing inferno of that hot August night…”
Anna yowled. It was a piercing ear shattering yowl of renewed horror and despair.
"STOP!" she screamed. "STOP! I can’t bear it. It was all my fault. The fire was all my fault. I saw their tracks when I went back after the blaze. I know they escaped and that they are alive somewhere, but I never found them no matter how hard I searched."
"You are right dear, they live and what’s more important is that they are not very far away...

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